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A podcast rethinking the future of how we live, work, and play.

The Foresight Radio podcast looks at fast changing technology and business trends driven by leading edge advances in Artificial Intelligence.

Tom Koulopoulos, Host of Foresight Radio

TK’s passion for technology spans 30 years, from architecting some of the earliest enterprise IT systems, to building an Inc 500 company, authoring 11 books, teaching at Boston University, founding and Directing the Babson College Center for Business Innovation, Tech commentator for MSNBC, and columnist for

Available Episodes

The Driverless Revolution (with Abe Ghabra)

Tom goes to Las Vegas to talk with Abe Ghabra, Managing Director at autonomous vehicle firm Aptiv, and ride in a self-driving Lyft. Episode page

self-driving cars AI

Quantum Computing II

In this second part of Tom's podcast on quantum computing he looks at the strange world of quantum entanglement and the views of scientists and researchers working on quantum computers who where interviewed at a recent event, Nano Days with a Quantum Twist, which was held at the Boston Museum of Science.Episode page

Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing I

A fascinating journey through the minds of those building tomorrows quantum computers. Bob Sutor, VP for IBM Q strategy and Ecosystem at IBM Research joins Tom for part one of this two part podcast series on quantum computers. Episode page

Quantum Computing IBM

Cracking Complexity

In this episode, Tom talks with the authors of a new book, Cracking Complexity, which looks at how we can identify complex challenges, distinguish them from complicated tasks, and use a methodology to crack the complexity code.Episode page

Leadership Problem Solving Complexity

Leading the 4-Generation Workforce

In this episode we explore the popular topic of millennials, Gen-Z, generational differences, and the challenges of 4 generation leadership, with best selling author of Counter Mentor Leadership, Robby Riggs. Episode page

Gen Z Millennials Leadership

The Internet of Everything with Joe Barkai

In this episode, Tom discusses the future of driverless cars, the rise of digital twins, the outcome economy, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) with best-selling author and industry pundit Joe Barkai. Episode page

IoT Driverless Cars Digital Twins

Sustainable Business with Andrew Winston

Join Tom and Andrew as they discuss the role of corporations in building sustainable businesses, misconceptions about China's impact and efforts in sustainability, and the challenges of building a sustainable future. Episode page

Sustainability China

Life Lessons from Apple’s Original Evangelist

Long-time Silicon Valley marketing guru Guy Kawasaki joins Tom to talk about his latest book, Wise Guy, and the lessons Guy has learned from his time at Apple. Episode page

Apple Technology Leadership

General AI is Already Here

In this episode, we look at the global aspects of AI and the implications of generalized AI in enterprise settings. Our guest Chris Boos is an AI entrepreneur, angel investor, and advisor to the German government on the implications of digital technology. Episode page

Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning

A Digital Perspective on Leadership

In this episode, we cast a broad net that considers the ways in which organizational and leadership thinking has changed over the past several decades. Episode page

Leadership Artificial Intelligence Business

AI in the Enterprise

This conversation between Tom Davenport and Tom koulopoulos covers the more practical aspects of enterprise AI. Drawing on Davenport's latest book, The AI Advantage, they delve into the how and why of the successes and failures of AI. Episode page

Enterprise AI Artificial Intelligence

Democratizing Data

A look at how technology is democratizing access to products, services, and knowledge across the globe with entrepreneur and MIT researcher Erin Baumgartner. Episode page

Sustainability Data Smart Cities

Cloud Storage 2.0

In this episode of Foresight Radio long-time colleague and serial entrepreneur David Friend joins me to look at the dramatic ways in which data storage and affordability will change not only the way we do business but also make some of the greatest innovations of the 21st Century, such as AI and machine learning, possible. Episode page

The Cloud Data Artificial Intelligence

The Evolution of AI

In this episode of Foresight Radio Tom speaks with AI veteran and entrepreneur Jack Crawford about the dramatic changes that AI will bring to our businesses and our lives. Episode page

Artificial Intelligence

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Join us as we talk with a who's who of industry luminaries who are redefining the way we do business in the 21st Century. We’ll cover a broad range of topics, from driverless cars, to advances in personalized medicine and genomics, to the radical changes happening in the entertainment industry, to how our privacy and digital selves are being co-opted by social media.